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You’ve come to the right place if you're searching for a professional, dependable and affordable locksmith in Baltimore. We're proud to be the best locksmiths in Baltimore Maryland, and we're committed to providing complete customer satisfaction for everyone we serve. It doesn’t matter what kind of locksmith work you require - automobile locks, residential locks, commercial locks - we have you covered. Contact one of our helpful employees to book an appointment with a locksmith today!

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Our locksmiths are available around the clock for any type of locksmith service.

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No one can beat our prices, and we quote all prices upfront.

We provide mobile locksmith service in Baltimore

Our locksmiths are local in your area and mobile, so we come to you.

We provide emergency locksmith service in Baltimore

Emergency Locksmith

If you are locked outside of your house, car or business, either lost your keys or if they broke, give us a call and we're about 25 minutes away to the rescue! We also provide emergency lock change service.

We provide automotive locksmith service in Baltimore

Automotive Locksmith

We unlock cars, cut car keys, program transponder keys, program remotes and program key fobs. We replace ignitions, door locks and everything else that involves a car key or a car lock.

We provide residential locksmith service in Baltimore

Residential Locksmith

We unlock home and apartment locks, garage door locks too. We change locks, rekey locks, install new locks and fix/repair your old locks. We also sell high security locks and electronic deadbolts..

Commercial Locksmith in Baltimore

Commercial Locksmith

We change locks, rekey locks and install new locks, including high security locks. We also install exit devices and panic bars, electronic keypads and digital locks.

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Emergency Locksmith Baltimore

In case you are locked outside of your house, or misplaced your car keys and accidentally locked them inside, or need to change locks in a hurry for your home or business, you can rely on Jumbo Locksmith Baltimore.
All of our mobile locksmiths are dependable and skillful, ready to provide you exquisite professional locksmith service 24/7 throughout the year. We are always ready to provide you any type of locksmith solution you may require.
We unlock anything you might have locked by accident. We unlock houses, car doors, stores, offices, etc. We can replace your car keys and re-key or change locks in a hurry too.

Automotive Locksmith Baltimore

If you need an automotive locksmith, there are several reasons this might happen. The most common locksmith requiring situation is when someone locks his keys in the car. This might happen if you left the keys in the ignition on and just stepped out for a second and the door shut behind you. Another scenario is if you place them in the Trunk and shut it before remembering to take them out. The second most common reason a person would need an automotive locksmith in Baltimore is when they lost their car keys or keyless entry keyfob.

When you find yourself in such a scenario where you locked your keys in the car, or cant find your car keys or if they broke, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help! Our Baltimore automotive locksmiths are the most professional experts in the field, and we are a full mobile service, that means we come to you! No need to tow the vehicle to the dealer, our locksmiths will drive to you and open your car or make you a new car key on the spot!

Just in case you were thinking about unlocking your car by yourself, after watching a youtube video or two and think you can do it, we would like you to hold that thought for a moment and consider the risks. Online you can see tutorials on how to unlock a car door with a coat hanger, a screwdriver or even a tennis ball! what you don’t see is the cameraman unlocking the car with the remote, making it look easy, while it’s actually just a trick. One of the major concerns of unlocking a car by yourself with a coat hanger or any improvised tool is the chance of scratching your car and damaging the paint job.

Our automotive locksmith service in Baltimore is probably the best way to go when you’re locked outside of your vehicle, we have the best locksmith tools designated for such tasks. What you should do to prevent getting your car keys locked inside the car on the first place is either making a copy of your car key, or if you do leave your car with the keys in the ignition, leave a crack in the window, just in case, so you can reach in and unlock it.

Our Baltimore Locksmith automotive professionals are equipped with the latest key cutting machines, able to cut almost any type of key for any type of car. Our car key inventory includes all types of metal keys, high security car keys, transponder car keys and keyfobs. Making a new car key is easy if you have the right tools and know the best methods of cutting a car key.

The first way of cutting a new car key is by taking off the door lock and making a copy from the lock cylinder, on older vehicles such as ford and other domestic car makes it’s rather easy, not much electrical wiring going through the car doors to block the locks. After we remove them, we can read the cuts from the cylinder, and cut a corresponding key to them.

The second way is similar to the first, but instead of taking the door lock apart, we can pick the ignition using our locksmith ignition picking tools. After we read the cylinder, we cut a matching key to it.

The third way of getting the car key cuts is by extracting a code from a database that holds your car information, including the car key cuts, by using the VIN number. We only use this as last resort, as it is associated with additional cost because the dealers charge us to connect to the database.

Once we cut a new car key, in some cases, we will need to program it if your vehicle requires a transponder key. A transponder key has a small radio frequency chip that sends a signal to the anti-theft immobilizer in your vehicle and disables it if it matches. Our locksmiths in Baltimore are equipped with the most advanced car programming computers and can program almost any key or keyfob.

Residential Locksmith Baltimore

If you are in need of a residential locksmith in Baltimore, search no more. We are experts in all matters regarding residential locks, including lockouts, changing house locks and rekeying house locks as well. The most common locksmith service in Baltimore is a house lockout. If you locked your keys inside the house, it’s most likely because you pushed or turned the little piece at the back of your doorknob and stepped outside when you left the keys inside the house. This is an automatic action we do when leaving the house, and it happens everyday, and it can happen to anyone. An unfortunate scenario is when you didn’t lock the door, but when it shut behind you, it locked by accident, and you’re stuck outside with no access to your own home! Another common reason for someone getting locked outside the house is when they lost they keys or if theys keys broke. Our Baltimore Locksmiths are able to unlock any type of residential lock, doorknobs and deadbolts, including Jimmy-Proof locks and High Security Locks.

When moving into a new home, it is recommended to replace your locks, or at least rekey the locks. Before you moved in to your new place, several people could have had a copy of your house keys, including realtor agents, contractors and maybe neighbors. Rekeying your locks or replacing the locks ensures that you’re the only one with access to your property, and there’s no chance anyone else has keys to your home.

Commercial Locksmith Baltimore

Locksmith Baltimore knows the importance of keeping your business safe and secure. Our commercial locksmiths are trained to deal with the most common types of business locks, including storefront locks, secure warehouses and restricted areas.

One of the biggest concerns a business owner or manager can have is the security of the business. It’s hard to go on with day to day business knowing that your business may not be 100% secure. We offer security upgrades for your locks such as High Security locks with keys that require authorization to duplicate and that are harder to break into, including Medeco and Mul-T-Lock locks.

When you’re facing employee turnover, and there’s a chance that the employee has a duplicate of the key to your business, locksmith Baltimore recommends replacing the lock or rekeying the lock, to make sure no one unauthorized has the possibility to unlock your business.

One of the most popular ways of securing a business is with an electronic keypad lock or digital lock that require a pin code, buzzer systems with magnet locks on the doors and biometric locks requiring a fingerprint to unlock the door. For any security concerns you may have regarding your business, please call us today for a consultation.

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