How To Replace A Door Knob DIY (with pictures)

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Make sure no parts are missing.

This is the first post in a series of Do It Yourself Locksmith services, which will include detailed step by step instructions, with pictures, on how to replace different types of door locks, including how to replace a doorknob, how to replace a deadbolt, how to rekey a lock, and many more.

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It's time to replace the old doorknob

It’s time to replace the old doorknob

When moving into a new property, it’s important to change the locks as you never know how many people may have had a set of keys.

Another reason to replace a door knob is when keys were lost, or if the lock isn’t working well anymore, and either isn’t locking, or the latch is stuck, etc..

In this do it yourself tutorial, we will teach you how to replace a door knob by yourself, with easy to follow steps with pictures.

For this task, you’ll only need 1 tool, which is a Phillips screwdriver. We don’t recommend using any power tools such as a drill, as you don’t want to over-tighten anything, or risk stripping or damaging the screws.

1) Buy A New Door Knob

Make sure no parts are missing.

Make sure no parts are missing.

Before you take off the old lock, get a new one first, and make sure none of the parts are missing. A standard door knob has 2 knob parts (inside and a keyed outside), a latch, a strike plate, and a set of screws. (2 for the doorknob, 4 more for the latch & strike).

2) Remove Old Door Knob Screws

Unscrew the doorknob screws

Unscrew the doorknob screws

You should start by removing the 2 screws holding both door knobs together. It helps to hold the exterior keyed part of the door knob while unscrewing the screws just to hold everything steady, because your going to apply some pressure with your screwdriver, which will push the doorknob away from the door.

3) Remove Old Door Knobs

Remove Door Knob Parts Remove Door Knob Parts

Simply pull both ends of the old door knob out at opposite directions to remove them from the door latch. Really old locks might need some force and wiggle play for them to slide out of the latch, if they are stuck, just twist and turn the knobs while pulling them away from the door.

4) Unscrew The Old Door Knob Latch and Remove Door Knob Latch

Unscrew The Old Door Knob Latch Screws Remove Door Knob Latch

After we removed the door knob, it’s time to remove the door latch. Unscrew the 2 screws holding the latch on the door, and then simply slide the latch out. This also may require some wiggle.

5) Install New Door Latch

Install new door knob latch

Slide the latch inside the door and tighten the screws

Reverse the last step by sliding the new door knob latch into the door, and fasten 2 screws holding it tight on the door.

6) Insert The Door Knob Into The Latch

Insert The Door Knob Into The Latch

Slide the Door Knobs into each other through the latch.

Insert the keyed door knob part (the outside part) into the door latch. Once you’ve inserted it, you should fit the inside part of the doorknob onto the “tail” of the doorknob.

7) Tighten The Door Knob Screws

Fasten door knob screws

Fasten door knob screws

Make sure the doorknob is strong and secured on the door, but make sure you don’t over-tighten the screws as this may cause the doorknob latch to malfunction. Test the latch by turning the knob and check if it springs back out easily. If it doesn’t, you may need to loosen the screws just a little bit for free motion.

8) Test The Doorknob

Test the new keys to make sure the lock works properly

Test the new keys to make sure the lock works properly

Make sure you test door knob, lock and unlock the door knob several times while the door is open. It’s also recommended you have someone on the inside ready to unlock it just in case the keys don’t work.

Congratulations, you’ve just replaced a doorknob all by yourself.

Always make a few copies of the new keys and give them out to trusted friends and family members, just in case you ever get locked out.

We hope you found this post helpful, the post series of Do It Yourself Locksmith will continue with more useful tips and instructions of how to replace deadbolts, handles, rekey locks and more.

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