Car Key Replacement

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car key replacement

Replacing your car keys isn’t as easy as getting a new set made at your local hardware store.

Misplacing car keys is very common for drivers. Car keys can get lost at the park, the beach, the mall, the movie theater, or just about anywhere.

Most new cars have a proximity key feature in place that unlocks a car electronically once a door handle is touched. Some cars even allow you to start the ignition by pushing a button on the dashboard. But even less modern keys aren’t as easy to replace.

Many ignition keys have transponder chips that communicate with the automobile electronically for theft prevention purposes. These vehicles won’t start if the key isn’t set up to match it. Additionally, these systems feature an integrated or separate FOB with buttons to unlock and lock the doors.

Car Key Replacement Cost

Car Replacement Key Types

There are many different car keys and keyfobs for different types of vehicles

there are many different car keys and keyfobs for different types of vehicles

Only get a new key from the dealer as a last resort. It will almost always be more expensive than using a locksmith, plus a lot of hassle and inconvenience.

If you misplace the FOB and key, having your dealer to replace and program them, can set you back at least $200, depending on the key’s design and automobile type. The cost for a new transponder key from a dealer may cost you $425 for the key, remote, and programming. Costs to replace akeyless FOB could be as much as $600, based on the model type.

Our locksmiths use the latest cutting edge technology to cut new transponder keys and program key fobs, we carry in stock keys for most makes and models and can provide same day service and even emergency service if you’re locked out and lost your keys while away from home.

Hiring a locksmith to cut car keys is cheaper than going to a dealer for a few reasons, the first being the cost is almost always higher with a dealer, and second reason is if the car requires a transponder key that needs to be programmed, you will need to tow the car to the dealer. Locksmiths are available 24 hours, and are a mobile key cutting service so they come to you.

Car Key Cutting

Car key Cutting Machine

Car key Cutting Machine

The three most common ways of making a car key replacement are:

  • Through the door – since the key to do the door matches the ignition (if the ignition was not replaced in the past), we can remove the door lock cylinder and see the “cuts” on the wafers that correspond with the key. It may not have all the cuts needed, but if we get most of them, we can fill in the blanks
  • Using the VIN number – We can connect to the manufacture database to extract a code using the car’s VIN number that will allow us to get the key cut information using a special software. Connecting to the database involves a fee, and we want to keep the cost low, so it’s our least preferred method.
  • Picking the ignition – This might not be the easiest way, but it works better than the door method, because when picking the ignition, we can see all the cuts for the key.

Once we have the key cut, most vehicles require us to program the key, which then we either plug a computer into the ECU unit of your car and follow the programming steps, or preform an on-board programming sequence to synchronize the car’s Immobilizer and the key.

Replacing Car Key Fob Batteries

The different parts inside a car key fob

The different parts inside a car key fob

A common issue with car key FOBs involve their inability to open or start the vehicle when pushing the buttons. This might be because the batteries ran out. Replacing a battery for a keyfob is easy and usually inexpensive. You can find batteries for FOBs at your local drug store or automotive parts store, and they should cost no more than $10. To access the battery compartment, try to find a tiny notch or screw along the seam of the FOB, so you can pry it open. Take note of any identification numbers, and bring the old battery with you so you can match it to a potential replacement.

If replacing the battery doesn’t help, you will need to replace the fob.

We hope you found this article useful in case you needed some information on a car key replacement, and if you are looking to a hire a local locksmith to do the job for you, try finding one in your local area on our website